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Paintings by Mimi Elmore


Remember your best friend and companion with a portrait painted by fine artist Mimi Elmore.  They say that, "The eyes are the window to the soul."  At About Faces, that is exactly what Mimi brings to life in her unique photo realist pet portraits.  For her, the eyes are absolutely critical to the creation of a successful portrait, so they are her primary focus.  The eyes tell the story an animal can convey in a simple expression without saying a word.  Being an animal lover herself and having spent her entire adult life surrounded by pets of all kinds, she appreciates how important it is to not only capture the outer physical characteristics of your pet, but also the spirit within.  She brings out the unique personality and expressive characteristics of each animal she paints: the lopsided grin, the rolling eye or the crooked ear.  It's the tiny touches that personalize her portraits. Mimi's intention is to capture the essence of your best friend in her portrait. 

As you look through her product offerings, you'll discover that there are two distinct categories, Classic and Modern.  In a Classic painting, Mimi captures your pet in the traditional style, while in a Modern portrait, her palette is more colorful and her style more expressive.  Working from a favorite photo of your pet, Mimi creates a concept painting of your portrait before she applies paint to canvas.  Please keep in mind, the better the photo, the better the painting.  For your convenience, we'll email you a proof of your pet's portrait for your inspection before she sets it to canvas. Upon approval of your best friend's portrait and receipt of your final payment, Mimi completes the acrylic painting.

There are 3 steps to getting your pet's original portrait painted:

1. Commission a portrait by using our easy ordering system. Select your desired Classic or Modern painting and size from our Catalog.

2. Email us your favorite photo of your companion. Remember, the better the photo, the better the painting.

3. Approve the paper proof that we send you by submitting your final payment.

To find out more about Mimi and her process, check out About Us and Frequently Asked Questions. You'll find some easy to follow guidelines for getting a great photo of your companion also under FAQ.  And, if you want to call and chat with Mimi, you'll find our contact information there too.

At About Faces, our goal is to create the perfect painting of your best friend.


Portraits by Mimi Elmore

Every pet is an original, so is their portrait.  Your companion is lovingly painted by fine artist Mimi Elmore. 

Each sample that you see here is representative of the artistry that you can expect for your pet’s portrait.

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